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Death of Doctor Jekyll

Beware of Spaz!!

Captain Schadenfreude
9 August 1973
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What can I say? I have issues.
"that's what she said", alison bechdel, alone time, animaniacs, anti-zeitgeist, antisocial chameleon, bad 80's b-movies, bad ass motherfuckers, bad brains, bat country, bbw, bee vomit, benevolent psychosis, benny hill, beth ditto, big women, bisexuality, black geeks, black goth girls, black goths, black lipstick, black punks, black rockers, blue nailpolish, boys kissing, captain jack sparrow, chubby girls, chuck, cobra, coffee, comics, corey glover, cryptocorporeal biomutagenic encephalorrhea, cyndi lauper, david bowie, de la soul, death, del tha funkee homosapien, denis leary, dennis miller, desolation, deviantart.com, dias de los muerte, differing opinions, digital underground, dodge this, dr. egon spengler, eddie izzard, ethnic retroaccuracy, evil women, fat chick porn, frankenstein, futurama, garcelle beauvais, girls kissing, girls with pink hair, goth girls, graphic arts, hellboy, henry rollins, hiro nakamura, honey, i can has cheezburger, individuality, jack black, jack white, jay garrick, jeff murdock, jessicka, jim henson, joss whedon, jubilee, kryten, lady jaye, lea delaria, lesbian comedians, living colour, louis ramey, macabre humor, mark hamill, method man & redman, misfits of science, my name is earl, nervous breakdowns, night court, nipples, noah's arc, nostalgia, old school, oral sex, patton oswalt, peanut butter, pirates, platypi, poison elves, post-apocalyptic, prismacolors, punk, pvp, ragetti & pintel, rats, reading, red dwarf, red hot chili peppers, revenge, ripper, rocky horror picture show, ruth sadler, schadenfreude, secret identities, shrimp fried rice, six string samurai, sizz-lorr, smeghead, snow, stan lee, stand up comedy, stuntcasting, sushi, sylar, takezo kensei, the baroness, the devil's panties, the dreadnoks, the electric company, the future ex-mrs denisof, the incredibles, the monkees, the prometheus virus, the wastelanders, the white stripes, tits, twitching, virgil hawkins, vitriol, vodka, voluptuous magazine, webcomics, wide asses, will turner, winston zeddemore, women, writer's block, x-rated movies, yaoi is gay, yellow sunglasses, your mom, ziggy stardust, zombies